poniedziałek, 30 grudnia 2013

Idzie nowe..

  „Zło nie jest tym czym jest.. 
Jest tym co z nim zrobimy..”
- Jonathan Carroll -

A man is made of flesh and blood
of eyes and bones and water
The very same things make his son
as those that make his daughter
A tree is made of leaf and sap
of bark and fruit and berries
It keeps a bird’s nest in it’s boughs
And blackbirds eat the cherries
A table’s made of naked wood 
planed smooth as milk
I wonder, if tables ever dream of sun, 
of wind, and rain, and thunder?
And when man takes his axe and strikes
And sets the sawdust flying –
Is it a table being born?
Or just a tree that’s dying?

‘A Man is Made’ by Mike Bark